Convention Update – Part 2

I have some more pictures for you today… some of people, and some of beautiful flowers. The advantage of being in Salt Lake City is being able to walk around Temple Square, which is absolutely the most well landscaped area I’ve seen in a long time!  Here are some of the flowers and walkways I got to wander through:

There are flowers everywhere! It’s so pretty. I would love to have that in my yard!
The house in the middle and the buildings next to it are actually the Lion House and Beehive House. The Lion House had yummy comfort food where we stopped after we got back from our tour in the mountains. The Beehive house you can walk through with a short tour. Both were residences of Brigham Young. Very neat buildings!

On to more people….  and lookie, I remembered to number them this time.

1. Sharon and I with the dancers at the Roaring 20’s party!
2. Silver Lake selfie
3 & 7. Dinner at Red Rock Brewing
4 & 5. Some of the nifty old cars at the party
6. I saw Dawn and her hubby at breakfast a few times, so I had to make sure to get a pic at some point!
8. Sharon, me, Linda (my wonderful upline!) and hubby Jay
9. Pam from the Paper Craft Crew
10. Lydia from UnderstandBlue
11. Mormon Tabernacle Choir – you can go in and take a look
12. Chocolate stop on the mountain tour!
13. Lovely props for photo ops! Judy and Sharon helping me out there.
14. The whole gang out at dinner!

Sooo much fun all around!!!

Now I guess I’ll have to go back and edit the previous post so I can add info to those, too! 🙂
Have a good day!


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