Back in Business after Convention

Whew!!  What a few weeks.. I unintentionally took a little break from here to take care of my kitty and attend Convention!  And oh boy has it been crazy!

The good news is kitty is home and getting healthy checkups! YAY!!  We had a few setbacks along the way, but the Doctor is confident all this will be behind us soon!  Here’s a pic of Zoie just chilling out on my lap…

As if that craziness wasn’t enough… Convention was last week!!! WOW! That is a good word to sum it up. I will have lots of updates over the next few days, as there is too much for one post!  To start things off, here is a picture of one of my swap cards I made for an organized swap:

Not like I picked something quick and easy, eh? I’ll have more details on that one with some ‘along the way’ pics later.

And, a few of us did some sight seeing before the stamping began, and it was worth it! Check out one of the spots we visited up in the mountains:
Crazy gorgeous!

Stay tuned this next week as I will have lots more pics! 🙂
I even managed to snap a few selfies and added a current pic to my site, heh…


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