Retired Stamp Class Scheduled

Hi folks!  I have a few quick updates for you…
In case you didn’t see it over on my calendar or other sites, I’ve scheduled my next class – Saturday April 25th – 1:00 pm as usual, and bring your own adhesive.

The Retiring Stamp Set list comes out on Tuesday, so I will try to highlight some of those items for the class.  I will have some of my own ordering specials that day AND even bring out some of my older, already retired stamps for your viewing. I would love for them to go to a new home!

I have some placeholders on my calendar for the next few classes, but don’t have the projects lined up just yet – so if you have suggestions, send them my way!

Here is a quick pic of the cards we made at the last class:

I was lucky enough to find some awesome ideas online from other crafty people for these..  I will track those names back down and add those in an edit later.  🙂

One last item….  In case you missed my Sheltering Tree card (click here to see it), I created it for two blog challenges… and guess what!!!  I was in the top picks for BOTH of them. SQUEEEEEE!!!  How cool is that!!!  🙂

I’ve added both of those badges to my Awards page 🙂  – If you want to check them out, click here.

Thanks for looking!!

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