Holy cow I won!! PP212 – and the drive home

Check this out!!!  <long story ahead…>
The Paper Players theme challenge this past week, by Ann: Happy Fall Y’all was pretty cool. There were so many spectacular entries, because who doesn’t love the Fall??   I guess at least 89 of us loved enough to submit our Fall themed card this week 🙂   If you missed my card, click here to see my post for it.
Well, the winners get selected and posted on Saturday morning.  Today’s start to the day was pretty slow, meaning I didn’t want to get out of bed.   Last night was the Stampin’ Up! “Unite & Excite” event, about an hour and half away from me. More on that later!!!!  What a fun time we had!!!!  First, need to tangent on over to the drive home….. <warning, not a happy ending to the drive home>

The drive home didn’t even start until well after 10:30 pm. We took back roads, cuz, well, it’s nicer, technically shorter, and we were in no real ‘hurry’ to get home, although it does go a bit slower than the freeway, since I’m incredibly paranoid about having a deer run out in front of the car at night. Or a raccoon, or a rabbit, or a cat, or a frog. yes, a frog. They cross the road too, people.  I’ve seen them on my street! Anyway, so, slow going as it is… down one road we see police lights behind us, I’m thinking, I swear I’m doing the speed limit!!  well, he went right past us.  Then a few minutes later, more lights, go right past us. Now, we are out in no man’s land in Amish country. There’s usually not a lot going on at 11 pm. So, then, a little further down the road… more lights. a lot of them. But, we can’t tell if they are coming or going, since there are a lot of hills. Eventually we decide, they are not moving, and we got closer… then stopped, for more lights behind us, this time an ambulance. we sat there for a while, deciding if we should even continue, because at this point we decide it has to be bad, and probably blocked off by now. We turned around, and another fire truck showed up…  that was the last we saw as we headed back the other way, to figure out which new unknown back-road will be the easiest to get home. It wasn’t too far out of the way, but wow it’s dark out there! and we were pretty curious as to what happened. by the time we got home, muuuuch later, checking online, I saw a post that there was an accident (the one we were right near), and the people were ok. Unfortunately,  can’t say the same for the horse that was involved (according to the reports online). Had I been a few minutes earlier, my fear of animals crossing in the night would have expanded to a runaway horse. 😦  I’m very sad for that animal. I would not have thought that would happen in a million years.

Needless to say, I kinda forgot about a lot of stuff, like the challenge, of the fact we had my son’s first soccer game in the morning… ugh. so, slow going.  By the time we got back from the game this morning, of which it rained on us while we were there, only to stop as we left….  I remembered.. oh!! the challenge ended!!  I hopped online, and looked for the winners, since they are always so cool. I didn’t even bother checking my email – I must have been really tired!
I’m scrolling through the cards, and I was excited to see some pretty cool designs, then kinda dissappointed mine didn’t get picked as one of the favorites, since I thought it was pretty cool myself. 🙂  Then, I scroll a little farther to see Ann’s pick for the Headliner, and OMG!!! it’s mine!!!!!!

I cannot tell you how many OMG’s went through my head, and I kinda jumped out of my chair. Yep, I was a little excited. 🙂
SOOOOO, y’all need to go on over there and check it out!!!!!

Click here for the PP212 Winner’s page:

OK, enough about that. 🙂   I’ll have more on the “Unite & Excite” in a separate post later!


2 responses to “Holy cow I won!! PP212 – and the drive home

  1. Congratulations Mary Ann! I love your fall card and added it to my gallery blog page of demo-created projects from the Holiday Catalog! I’m going to start following your blog too!


  2. Thank you so much Suzanne!


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