Ready for Christmas Cards?

It was kind of hot and muggy today, so of course I thought of Christmas cards!

First, I wanted to show the end result of that yellow and blue card…


Pretty neat, eh?   Not what I was originally expecting, in fact it was much cooler!  And it was so simple, too.  If you want to learn how to make this, just let me know, and I can teach you!

Now we will go from warm, watery, beachy scenes to winter!  I have several more samples from Stamping in the Woods, and will share them here.. but not all at once! 🙂

I have to spread them out a little…  so here is one of the first ones:


Talk about a WOW!  And it is even glitterier (is that a word? if not, it is now) in person.  I hope everyone thinks it’s as cute as I think it is.

You can come see it in real life at my Open House coming up on Sept 6th! Remember to RSVP if you have not already!

OH!!  If you have not checked out the Promotions page, make sure you do that like now!  There are a few specials that will be ending soon, and you don’t want to miss out!

The one ending in another day is the Short & Sweet sign-up promotion. Check it out here:

If there are any questions, just drop me a line!



2 responses to “Ready for Christmas Cards?

  1. Mak both these cards are simply stunning. I love the tri-fold card it looks like a painting and your Christmas card is amazing. Love that little house set and framelits. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your open house, hope you have lots of interest!


    • Thanks Penny! My upline actually designed these for a weekend retreat she held for us (Stamping in the Woods). The cards AND non-card projects were amazing! I completely plan on using these designs for future card making classes of my own!! They were so fun to make, and look so great!


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