Back to safety scissors for me

Have you heard of sticky strip? This stuff is some amazingly sticky tape, as the name implies. I even have dedicated scissors for cutting my sticky strip. Unfortunately, I did not have them handy, and figured no big deal.. I’ll use another pair, then clean them.  One of my butterflies was not sticking well on my name tag, so I thought it was a quick fix.

Well, it’s turning out nothing is a quick fix with me lately.  🙂

I snipped the tape, fixed the sparklie butterfly, and saw only  little bit of residue on my scissors. So, as I have done many, many, MANY times in the past, I went to rub the sticky stuff off with my finger.  Guess what.

Apparently today, of all days, the day starting the weekend of stamping awesomeness, is the day I decided to slice my finger.  Oops.

I guess this means my butterflies will not fall off now, because in this household…. if you bleed, it will work. Not a practice I would recommend doing on purpose, but it seems to work out that way here.

So here is a pic of the sparklie goodness that caused so much grief.


I am looking forward to sharing my little creation with my stamping friends though, and hope the rest of the weekend requires fewer band-aids.


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